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A Spanish peacekeeper joins forces with the man who ravaged his home city.

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September 23

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Three young men. Two parallel worlds. One ancient ideological conflict.

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September 28

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A Moor discovers more than he bargained for in the Peruvian wilderness.

"Time loops: those always end well… right?"
- Geeky Library

"There is this subtle, but distinctly palpable sense, that something isn’t quite right with the world."
- Jeff Suwak, author of Beyond the Tempest Gate

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How did Nel Hanima get trapped in a dream universe, and how does he wake up?

"Vivid characters and imaginative settings take you on an exciting, and sometimes emotional, journey, that includes some thought provoking moments."
- Laura Greenwood, Trips Down Imagination Road

"Nowhere may be an alien world, but the life lessons discovered there strike home with unerring precision."
- Matt Sayer, author of The Price of Ascendance

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A Spanish farmer must repeat time to save the life of the woman he loves.

"The colorful characters in Isaac The Fortunate are endearing and engaging without being flowery. They also have swagger. Swagger that a 21st century reader can appreciate."
Robert Mitchell, author of Only Shot at a Good Tombstone

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A Swiss nun struggles to save her monastery despite her unravelling grasp on reality.

"A. Ka’s prose is spectacular. [Her] engaging characters and beautiful descriptions transport you to… a setting that is rich and full of life and death."
- Elizabeth Guizzetti, author of Other Systems and Light Side of the Moon

"[T]here is this subtle, but distinctly palpable sense, that something isn’t quite right with the world. I thought it was beautifully done."
- Jeff Suwak, author of Beyond the Tempest Gate

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A young man's desire to return home leads him on an epic adventure across paralell realities.

“[A] successful episodic work that takes readers on a journey of scientific and social exploration with an endearing protagonist. Worlds of wonders await.”
T.A. Miles, The Immarcescible Review

“Zachary Bonelli’s debut is full of exceptional imagination that is only affirmed by his rare, fresh voice.”
Dan Thompson, author of The Caseworker’s Memoirs

Hedgehogs? Speculative Fiction? What?

Exactly! Fuzzy Hedgehog Press is a small, independent publisher of high quality, weird speculative fiction for all orientations.

In a market saturated with zombies, apocolypses, elves, dragons and sorcery, we want to provide narrative unique enough to fully engage your imagination. Our authors take the time and energy to craft creative worlds and realize the struggles of dynamic, living characters.

This isn’t your garden variety science fiction and fantasy. This is speculative fiction from beyond the hedge!

What do you mean by "weird"?

Weird speculative fiction combines the fantastic with the technical. Myth and fantasy become intertwined with science and logic. Our fiction purposely breaks reality—shatters, twists or distorts it. You’ll part with many of your preconceptions about how the universe operates. We can open the door, but it’s up to you to step through.

What do you mean by "all orientations"?

Describing fiction as “gay,” “lesbian,” or “LGBT” is problematically loaded. Many stories classified this way are assumed to fit under the romance or erotica categories.

“Fiction for all orientations” means that our stories include characters of all orientations, but at the end of the day, they are stories about characters’ whole lives—their adventures, their families, their friendships, their careers, and so on.